Tuesday, 27 March 2012

On waiting. . .

"All our action ends in passion because the response to our action is out of our hands. That is the mystery of work, the mystery of love, the mystery of friendship, the mystery of community - they always involve waiting. And that is the mystery of Jesus' love. God reveals himself in Jesus as the one that waits for our response. Precisely in that waiting the intensity of God's love is revealed to us. If God forced us to love, we would not really be lovers. ... [I]t is in the passion that the fullness of God's love shines through. It is supremely a waiting love, a love that does not seek control."

~ Hernri Nouwen
"From Action to Passion"
Bread and Wine: Readings for Lent and Easter


Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Imagine a Space

They say that in space the disorientation returns you to that giddy state of childhood. When reality is turned upside-down and sideways, your imagination awakes once more in a world without limits, and kool-aid bubbles can be slurped out of the air with a straw. You decide what is floor, what is ceiling. You can sleep like a bat with your toes hooked under a ledge, or just let the air carry you to slumber on its faint currents.

In what is perhaps most magical, you are capable of surprise. You are capable of wonder, and things too undignified for highly trained astronauts. You are a child again, the world is a giant blue-green marble in your hands, and reality reforms to the power of imagination.

Where can we, earthbound, find this space? Where can we wake to a world redefined?

I’ve seen the door.

It’s small. To enter you must become the child wriggling through. You must allow yourself to be swept off your feet, upside down by a smiling Daddy swinging you by your ankles till dizzy with delight. That’s the only way to enter the Land of Upside-Down, where the king is the servant scrubbing the mud off your toes. This is where imagination runs wild on the ceiling. In this space, gravity has been defeated and new reality is an unending universe to be explored.

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