Monday, 24 December 2012

The war on Christmas

Scandal and stables and slaughter! The coming of God encounters resistance. No way! No room! No survivors! All because men love darkness instead of light, and this is the depravity of our beloved Christmas story.

He comes, and we say it is impossible.
He comes, and we say he won't fit here.
He comes, and we try to rid the world of him.

But what the darkness cannot comprehend, it cannot overcome. For the Word of God will not return empty. His coming will accomplish what He desires, and His desire is for us.

His desire makes a way through the impossibilities, his desire finds a place to dwell even in darkness, his desire brings the dead to life, and this is the miracle of our beloved Christmas story.


Sunday, 9 December 2012

The first of this coming

And the first we felt of you was not the strong healer’s arm or even the babe in arms – but here, a flutter of feet within. Yes, we held you hidden before we beheld your glory. First, first, a kick from inside, and we wondered, could that be you? And then it came again, and we smiled full. For we had the inclination, the hope of your being there, but now the evidence of the thing unseen!

You begin your descent as the smallest of seeds, emerging from a holy shadow. The immaculate whisper of conception before the joyful shout of arrival. Your coming to us is from the inside out. We do not need to be merely decorated with the divine. All the glitter of heaven could not light up our blackened hearts. But the Most High became the most low, the Light of the world implanted, incarnate in the dark womb of the soul.

And we feel you turning, twisting, growing till there is no denying your presence, and the only way to see you is our own turning inside out – for we are changed most by birth – and when all hope of containing you is futile, then and here is your coming.

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