Thursday, 19 August 2010

common prayer


In the middle of the busiest day, I pause to remember that You are near to all who call on You, all who call on You in truth. In truth, I’m a little stressed and a little worried, a little weak and a little weary. In truth, I know You are in control, always strong and never faint of heart. The truth I find hardest to believe is that You want to be near to me. But here I am, with a hammer, a coffee and a baby and only two hands. I’m calling.



  1. Hi there...I just stumbled upon this blog by pushing the "next blog" button (something that I don't usually do.)

    I noticed that having ecumenical discussion is one of your interests.

    I'm really trying to understand different approaches to Christianity right now...and was having a very frustrating morning doing so.

    My e-mail address is you ever have time to discuss this!

    (p.s. if you read through my blog...the two most recent posts aren't terribly representative of most posts.:)

  2. By the way...great blog...

    I'm not sure if my last post went through (no high speed here)...but I was just basically saying that if you have a moment to chat regarding ecumenical perspectives...e-mail me at I am really trying to understand different ways of approaching Christianity right now.


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