Sunday, 24 January 2016

The Rhythm of Sunday

Sunday - the first day of the week.

The seven-fold rhythm, set from the beginning, now begins with a resurrection, with worship, and rest.

His finished work becomes our new beginning. Out of worship and rest we rise to meet the week and its work.

All our work - bracketed by His.
All our work - energized by rest.
All our work - a movement bound by celebration as its beginning and end.

No matter the tune the week sets before us, we know the reprise. His chorus will break forth again, and we will hear Him singing over us, singing the song that makes all our days holy.

Without this beginning, we are out of tune, out of step, and the days pile up like bricks of slavery, the nights rise as bars of iron.

Oh, that we would learn to measure our days with His time signature!

Feel the pause, and then the swell of a glorious ascending glissando.

Get in here, at the first movement, and His music will carry you through the rest. This is the invitation to redefine your week according to His rhythm.


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