Monday, 13 June 2016

Day 13: Pinholes of Prayer

Some days my own small-mindedness and selfishness forms a crust over my spirit. I’m stewing on the inside, hardening on the outside. I lose the ability to be flexible, to be gracious, and the smallest prick can set off an explosion. 

But when I puncture my day with prayer, here a little, there a little, I become permeable. I am soft to the Spirit, and slower to anger. God breathes through these pinholes of prayer and my soul expands in His presence. The light dances in and I can see beyond myself. 



  1. What a beautiful illustration. Especially because pinholes seem, perhaps, possible in mama-life even if large chunks of dedicated prayer time are not!

    1. Yes, I can do pinholes these days! Even a few seconds can make a difference, thanks to the grace of God.


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